A New Approach to Quality Improvement: Capture, Collaborate, and Resolve Quality Issues in Real-time

Are you EQuiped to:

  • Capture real-time Quality Concerns
  • Analyse and report on trends
  • Collaborate across teams and organisations
  • Deliver tangible Quality Improvements

… all from one mobile solution?

The NHS constantly faces the challenge of improving patient care and the quality of services whilst continually reducing its costs. Commissioners and multiple healthcare providers are completely reliant on each other to deliver high quality care across patient focussed care pathways – Health and Social Care Integration is essential and a clear goal, but moving swiftly and decisively is challenging without real-time data to expose issues and collaborative tools to help stakeholders work together to resolve them.


EQuip provides a real-time solution to not only capture quality issues, but uniquely, stakeholders can collaborate to resolve them quickly and efficiently.
It helps you and your partners increase the quality of your services and maximise value for patients.
EQuip supports Clinical Commissioning Groups, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Providers, CSUs, Integrated Provider Partnerships and their constituent members. It was designed by clinicians, NHS executives and product development specialists to use the lessons from the Francis report and subsequent Freedom to Speak Out report.
EQuip provides complete information so that issues can be resolved earlier and more simply. Delays caused by reliance on SUS and SLAM data are eliminated. This means that the risk of serious patient harm and financial consequences are reduced.

EQuip supports:
  • The delivery of QIPP targets,
  • Provider performance management process
  • The delivery and tracking of CCG place based Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP’s).
  • Vanguard and pioneer programmes
  • The Delivery of Provider quality improvement plans
  • Improvements to risk management, safety and culture
  • Any level of quality and service improvement processes.
  • Other bespoke initiatives

Dr Neal Parkes

“Working together with the team at TWME8, and introducing EQuip into LADMS, has started to transform the way we are working in Lincolnshire.

The results are self-evident, and my plans for EQuip in the future, means that real-time raising of issues will deliver cost effective, quick improvement of front-line patient
care which is what LADMS is all about.”

How EQuip Works

Frontline staff and clinicians use EQuip to record quality issues as they encounter them. Stakeholders then use EQuip to collaborate, identify trends, and put together teams to resolve issues and ensure they don’t happen again. Real-time quality data provided by EQuip reduces your reliance on lagging SUS and SLAM quality issues datasets, so problems can be resolved before they have a significant impact.

  • EQuip allows any staff to capture high and low rated concerns easily and immediately
  • Concerns can be anything from a low-level issue such as cleaning services not doing their job, through to a high-rated concern, like an E.Coli outbreak on the ward
  • EQuip can be used to seek opinions on KPI’s and to gather general concerns that influence KPI’s, but which are not be captured by usual data collection methods
  • For example, the number of DNA’s influenced by the car park being too full or a bus route being cancelled
  • Normally these would take time to uncover, but EQuip’s centrally collected data can be analysed easily to find patterns or trends

EQuip Benefits

  • Improvement of your services for patients and yourselves through informed decision making
  • Improved performance against QIPP targets
  • Reduced dependency on SUS and SLAM
  • Sophisticated reports to enable easier, faster decision-making
  • Gain clear visibility of trending issues and reduce their impact
  • Uniquely collaborate with other stakeholders on one common platform to resolve quality issues together
  • Easily access an audit trail of quality issues and improvements

EQuip Clients have achieved some significant improvements. For example LADMS achieved:case-study3

LADMS Case Study

LADMS is a Federation of GPs, senior managers, hospital consultants and other health professionals who operate within the NHS family. LADMS make a difference by embracing innovative approaches to health care delivery and service design….

Elderly Care Pilot in Hull LADMS is currently piloting an Elderly Care scheme in Hull. This brings together all agencies: GP’s, A&E, Acute and Community to prevent readmissions and enable increased home living for the elderly.

LADMS is addressing the challenges in the following ways with the EQuip Real-time, Quality Improvement Tool introduced in July 2015: Elderly Care Pilot in Hull LADMS is currently piloting an Elderly Care scheme in Hull. This brings together all agencies…

Read More …

Meet the Team

Alexandra Clark, Director
Email: alex.clark@twme8.com

Alex has been leading technology businesses and teams for the past 10 years.  These businesses have been centered on developing solutions that help clients deliver important change, better and faster through software.  Getting more people, and more of their energies, directed at the strategic priorities of the organisation is what we at TWME8 are good at. Alex’s role is shape and deliver a solution that enables this unique Value Proposition with clients such as the NHS, Department of Health, and Health Education South West. Alex has a consulting and technology background with expertise in Business Transformation and Quality.

Philip Purver, Director

Phil has lead European and Global technology and consulting businesses over the past twenty years. Organisation and individual change have been at the heart of the solutions and services of all these businesses. Phil is expert at creating client value through partnering, and finding creative ways to make this happen. He has shaped multi-million pound partnerships that have transformed the way in which business can be delivered. He is passionate about collaboration and providing the sort of leadership that makes effective delivery of value possible. Phil has been providing software solutions and services into the NHS for the past six years.

Gary Taylor, Business Development Director
Email: gary.taylor@twme8.com

With a background in software development and a passion for the application of technology to deliver improvement, Gary has worked with software solutions at all levels in the NHS throughout his career. Examples include building governance and compliance solutions for Acute Trusts, delivering information management solutions for CCGs, and working with NHS England and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) on CCG authorisation. As Head of Commercial Development at NHS North West CSU, he led the Business Development Team of this £70 million organisation. The common theme throughout his career has been the identification and delivery of technology based solutions to improve the NHS for its patients and its staff. Responsible for the growth of TWME8, Gary’s role puts him on the frontline, engaging with NHS executives and driving TWME8’s ever growing list of clients that are benefitting from our solutions.

Tom Dickinson, Project Manager
Email: tom.dickinson@twme8.com

Tom is a Project Manager resonsible for the customer deployment and support processes for EQuip. Tom has worked in the healthcare sector for around three years. He is passionate about developing and delivering systems that ensure healthcare is delivered more efficiently. Tom is the account lead for LADMS and Universal Health, and manages their EQuip systems, ensuring the effective use and delivery of changes based on feedback from all the healthcare professionals using EQuip.


TWME8 will be attending and exhibiting at the North West Coast AHSN event on 24th May 2016. Ecosystem 8 – launching Connected Health Cities for the North West Coast brings together partners from health and social care, industry, academia and patient organisations to focus on improving health across the North West Coast at the same time as generating economic benefits for the region, through the uptake and deployment of connected health solutions.p>

TWME8 are proud to be attending the Healthcare Strategy Forum at Heythrop Park on 17th and 18th May 2016. We will be showcasing the EQuip solution to a wide range of senior NHS professionals and discussing how we help them deliver tangible quality improvements.

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